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BM Textile, in an exclusive partnership with a leading Chinese Textile machines manufacturer, distributes worldwide the well-established WIZARD Plus high speed rapier loom, which represents a break-through in flexibility, easiness of use, performance and price, in order to comply with and satisfy the demands of the modem textile industry.

In accordance with BM Textile tradition, the WIZARD Plus loom shall be supported by the renowned, excellent and precise maintenance after sales service and fully backed up by a fast and reliable spare parts service.

The WIZARD Plus rapier loom has been designed to offer the maximum flexibility and reliability without compromising overall performance.

WIZARD Plus is manufactured in compliance with the most modem weaving solutions: fully functional and yet requiring simple maintenance, thus avoiding undesirable complications that can limit the operator's possibility of intervention in case of loom fault.

The WIZARD Plus rapier loom is solid, tough and reliable in order to reduce the maintenance costs.

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WP 220D

WP 220D

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